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Your name is James Regi, Global Intelligence Agent (GIA) and you have been assigned by the nations to infiltrate and steal a suit to test its capabilities. To acquire the technology, you must break into the manufacturing facility, steal a suit and escape safely. It is said that the surrounding area of the plant is a mechanical maze; the only way in is through airdrop and the only way out is using the suit itself.

The year is 2084, a mass production of robots and wildly advanced technology is on the rise. A man by the name of Herman Schwartz recently pitched a new idea for the robo-mega suit. This was no ordinary robotic extension. The suit comes equipped with nano particle technology that can open rifts in space to allow for real time teleportation through portals created by weaponry in the suit. 

Nations around the globe are catching word of the new technology and are threatening to issue war towards our country. The power of this technology is limitless; stirring up controversy around the globe. It is up to you to discover the potentials of this new technology and bring it to an end.

Install instructions

Installation will be completed by clicking the executable file downloaded. This will process and request to install "Made in Gamemaker". The game will run directly run from this software.


Tragedy_1.04.exe 2 MB

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